Announcement SPREEX Coordination Action Workshop on Oil Spill Response

The mid-term workshop of the Coordination Action SPREEX dealing with Oil Spill Response preparedness and efficiency research needs, includes the presentation of summaries of the State of the Art reports prepared along the first year of the Coordination Action, on OSR issues, that includes in WP 3.
WP 3 Led by SINTEF deals with ICT, detection tracking and communication technologies, meteorological and oceanographic data acquisition and transmission, aiming at real time tracking and modelling oil spill trajectories, providing the data to alert and emergency systems and to decision support systems and operations control.

Real time detection, tracking and modelling of spills to be dealt on round tables.
The Workshop includes summaries of the State of the Art reports (21) prepared along the first year of the project by the SPREEX partners, and different round table debates with Oil Spill Response Stakeholders, reviewing the progress since Prestige accident, on preparedness and effectiveness of response, and the contributions from past and on-going research projects (five are being invited to the workshop) , and finally discuss remaining Gaps and further needs of research and synergies.
Objectives of the Workshop
?Ø Open a discussion on SPREEX Spill Response
Experience: State of the Art findings.
?Ø Value the contribution of research and synergies for
Oil Spill Response effectiveness and discuss
further research and synergy needs.
Questions for Round Table discussions

Major spill accidents are typically different from
previous ones. The research on spill response on the
last four years has focussed on Prestige
circumstances and consequences.
In a postulated large dimension accident tomorrow in
harsh sea and weather conditions?ñ
?Ø How fast the oil spill response can be
assembled and resources integrated and
contingency plans deployed?
?Ø What recovery rates and efficiency on
containing, recovering or dispersing the spill,
can we expected with today??s currently
available OSR resources?
?Ø What information on the spill detection and
local data can be gathered on-real time to
support decision taking and OSR operations?
?Ø How effective may be the measures
preventing the spill to reach sensitive areas?
?Ø What improvements can we expect on the
coming years from on-going basic and
applied research?
?Ø What major gaps issues are missing on
current research?
?Ø How further research and synergic actions
can contribute to improve Spill Response
preparedness, effectiveness, and socioeconomic
integration of spill consequences?
Discussing with OSR organisations and researchers how SPREEX and on-going OSR
research can help oil spill response effectiveness on a postulated major accident.
Workshop Programme
Hard copies of the preliminary SoA reports or executive summaries will be available at the workshop
More information
Author: EARSC

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