Sentinel 1

ESA’s GMES initiative is taking a step forward with the expected signature of a contract in December for a synthetic-aperture radar that will be used on the Sentinel 1 satellite.
Sentinel 1 is part of Europe’s GMES project, an ensemble of Earth observation missions co-funded by ESA and the European Commission. Astrium GmbH of Germany and Alcatel Alenia Space are currently competing to be the prime contractor of Sentinel 1.
The total cost of the satellite is estimated at 220 million euros, not including launch, however any contract signed will be based on a cost-plus basis but with a ceiling price for the hardware-construction phase. A call for bids on the following two Sentinel missions (both part of the GMES initiative) is expected in December; one satellite will carry a superspectral imager for land and agriculture observation and the other will be devoted to ocean altimetry.
[Source Space News 10/30/06]
Author: EARSC

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