GfK MACON, GfK PRISMA and GfK Regionalforschung are Joining Forces

GfK MACON, GfK PRISMA and GfK Regionalforschung have merged to form a new company, GfK GeoMarketing.
GfK GeoMarketing is one of the largest European providers of GeoMarketing solutions and has more than 100,000 customers and users across all lines of business. The company�s four divisions are:
Consulting and expert reports
Market data
Digital maps
GeoMarketing software
The three GfK subsidiaries� joining forces follows many years of successful cooperation. Dr. Eberhard Stegner, management board spokesperson at GfK GeoMarketing, explains: �The time is right for GfK GeoMarketing. The products and services of these three companies complement each other perfectly. As a result, we are bringing them together as one company. As GfK GeoMarketing, we offer one-source GeoMarketing services � from software to GeoMarketing consulting.�
GfK GeoMarketing has offices in Hamburg, Nuremberg and Wagh�usel, Germany, and currently has 80 employees.
Details about the business divisions:
Consulting and Expert Reports

Location and real estate research supports project developers, retail companies, investors and public institutions in the analysis, planning and assessment of locations and real estate for domestic and international markets. With more than 9,000 consulting projects in Germany and abroad, GfK�s experience in location research goes back to 1950. In Germany, GfK GeoMarketing is the market leader in location and real estate research, and internationally, GfK GeoMarketing is well-renowned.
Territory Planning includes planning sales and service territories, expansion planning into new countries and markets, as well as coaching activities. With more than 3,000 consulting projects in Germany and abroad, GfK GeoMarketing is one of the leading consulting companies for territory planning in Germany.
Market Data
GfK GeoMarketing offers a data pool which is second to none in Germany. GfK Purchasing Power, point of sale studies and a wide variety of socio-demographic and branch-specific data are available at all regional levels, all the way to the street sector level. Based on this information, customers can analyze their markets. GfK specialists can also use an extensive data pool to solve specific issues for the customer. For instance, market data is used for location analysis, real estate assessment, evaluating turnover and sales territories or to optimize direct marketing activities.
Digital Maps
GfK GeoMarketing offers the world�s largest collection of digital maps of postal code and administrative districts. Digital maps are used in GeoMarketing and CRM software. There are maps for more than 240 countries. Map sets include topographical maps featuring city points, streets and elevations. GfK GeoMarketing maps fully cover all areas and match each other seamlessly. Maps are regularly updated so that there are latest versions for all 39 countries in Europe each year. GfK GeoMarketing also develops special, customized maps for specific sectors, e.g. the pharmaceutical industry, re-insurance companies and energy supply companies.
GeoMarketing Software
The software programs RegioGraph and DISTRICT from GfK GeoMarketing target business applications in sales, marketing and controlling. RegioGraph and DISTRICT use digital maps to present customer data, market data and company data. This allows companies to see how their customers and sales revenues are distributed. Adding external market data such as purchasing power allows companies to directly compare sales revenues and potential. Numerous methods of analysis make it possible to perform detailed assessments of a company�s success across a region, and plan new strategies or locations. In addition, DISTRICT offers special territory planning tools for the regular optimization of sales and service territories. With more than 40,000 users, GfK GeoMarketing is the German market leader.
GfK GeoMarketing is a part of the international GfK network. Currently, GfK is represented in 63 countries with over 130 subsidiaries and 7,600 employees. GfK is the world�s number 4 market research institute.
Further Information
Detailed information about GfK GeoMarketing products and services can be found online at
Author: EARSC

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