eoVox Stakeholders Consultation Workshop, 14Sep2006, at ESA-ESRIN, Frascati

eoVox Stakeholders Consultation Workshop, 14 September 2006, at ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy
The eoVox Consortium is pleased to announce a one-day workshop dedicated to the common interests of the Earth Observation value adding industry. The workshop will be held under the auspices of ESA/ESRIN on 14 September 2006 in Frascati, Italy
What is eoVox?
Following on from a survey conducted by ESA on the European and Canadian EO service industry, ESA has initiated a number of activities to further explore issues that affect the complete EO service sector; eoVox is one of these activities.
eoVox aims to gather views and comments from all companies within the industry and investigate how their common interests can be best represented via an industrial trade association.
eoVox is therefore an opportunity for all companies to voice their viewpoints on how the Earth observation value adding industry should be shaped. The results will be looked at carefully by ESA in planning for the
period 2008-13 to make sure that the needs of the industry are
supported at the right scale, with the right mechanisms and of adequate
The eoVox study will use the information gathered to help define the public funding required to incubate the industry as a whole. All reports produced by the eoVox study are required to undergo an “open review” process, where anayone associated with the EO service industry in Europe and Canada is invited to review and comment upon the findings in the reports.
All feedback received through this process will be carefully recorded and analysed, and the results will be used to inform the further stages of the study.
This the EO VA industry opportunity to influence this process, by ensuring that your views and needs are heard.
About the Workshop
The eoVox Consortium is pleased to announce a FREE one-day workshop dedicated to the common interests of the Earth Observation value adding industry. The workshop will be held at ESA??s ESRIN site in Frascati (near Rome), Italy on 14 September 2006.
The workshop will be an excellent opportunity to capture the views of all stakeholders in the future of the Earth observation value-adding industry in Europe and Canada.
During the day presentations will be given based on the material produced during the study, with ?¨open forum?Æ sessions to capture a wide range of perspectives on the presented material.
The workshop will be structured to ensure that the views of participants can be clearly and freely expressed.
The consortium is creating working documents ?± to be made public in advance of the workshop – that will provide the initial starting point for the debate. Brief presentations of the study??s findings will be used to prompt input, discussion and debate from the delegates. Book your place now, to have your say.
“Helping the EO service sector define its development needs and set an agenda for public support”
The eoVox Team
The eoVox consortium is led by LogicaCMG UK Ltd. as prime contractor, and includes EARSC (the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies), the Swedish value-adding company Metria, the Canadian value-adding company C-CORE, and consultants ControlWare from Belgium and ESYS from the UK.
How to Register
Please send your details by email to us indicating your relationship with the EO VA industry.
More information can be found at http://www.eovox.org.
Practicals Information
1. Click here for a list of hotels in and around Frascati (and please contact us for assistance if you are having trouble finding accomodation).
2. Click here for a list of restaurants in and around Frascati.
3. Click here for a map of the Frascati area and ESRIN.
4. Click here for directions from Rome??s airports to ESRIN.
Author: EARSC

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