ER Mapper UK appoints new General Manager

Cristina Robinson Marras has been appointed the General Manager of ER Mapper UK. Ms Robinson Marras has twelve years of industry experience, seven of those with ER Mapper. Whilst at ER Mapper she has held a broad range of positions from Technical Support Manager to Account Manager for Exploration. Ms Robinson Marras?? holds two separate Masters Degrees in Mineral Exploration and Environmental Remote Sensing.
Guy Perkins, Chief Executive Officer, ER Mapper said, “We are actively expanding our operations in Europe. Cristina’s appointment will provide more focus and localise support to our major customers and expanding user base in the UK. Her experience in the industry will be invaluable in working with our customers to deliver maximum value on their investments and confidence moving forward with ER Mapper.” Ms Robinson Marras added, ?¨I am looking forward to the challenge of expanding the market presence of our technology in the UK and contributing to the continued growth of ER Mapper worldwide.?Æ
About ER Mapper
ER Mapper solutions facilitate the easy use of large, multi-terabyte archives of geospatial imagery.
ER Mapper provides organizations with full, efficient access to massive geospatial imagery libraries via web browsers, GIS, CAD and other desktop and mobile applications. ER Mapper develops custom land information portals that access common GIS and other data services, integrating these with multi-terabyte image libraries.
Government departments and large enterprises around the world use ER Mapper solutions to maximize the value of their large geospatial image libraries.
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