EU-JRC together with EUSC: scientific support

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), together with the EU Satellite Centre (EUSC), is providing scientific support to international donors planning the distribution of aid in Lebanon.
High resolution satellite images from the JRC and the EU Satellite Centre have already helped the EU compile a preliminary damage and needs assessment report for Lebanon. The report was presented at the recent donors’ conference in Stockholm by Benita Ferrero-Waldner, EU Commissioner for External Relations.
The images reveal that in southern Lebanon 1,489 buildings, 535 road sections, 21 of the 29 bridges over the Litani River and 545 cultivated fields were either destroyed or damaged. In Beirut 326 residential buildings have been damaged or destroyed in the southern suburbs, along with all the runways of Beirut airport and six strategic highway sections.
According to the report, the damage observed to the roads means access to important towns, services such as hospitals as well as cultivated fields may be disrupted.
The report also points out that the satellite images only show damage to buildings that is visible from overhead; in areas where ground battles took place, considerable lateral damage to buildings is also likely.
The JRC and EUSC will continue to support the reconstruction effort by establishing a spatial data infrastructure to allow for a more detailed assessment of the damages.
(Credits Europa
Author: EARSC

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