Dstl Technical Workshop on Automatic Change Detection, Malvern, 04-05/10/06

This international workshop seeks to bring together key researchers on ACD techniques from academia, industry and government to facilitate an open and rigorous exposition and discussion of the issues and opportunities for future collaboration. The main objectives of this workshop are to:
* Create an international forum to discuss common applications and techniques.
* Discuss methods of exchange of test imagery, algorithms and evaluations.
* Share current knowledge and understanding of the problems faced by both the research community and image analysts.
* Discuss potential performance / evaluation metrics
* Sound-out future research directions
The event is free and all applications for presentations along the theme of change detection are welcome. Presentations should be aimed at technical developers/academics in the fields of image processing and machine vision.
For further information and the current list of attendees please contact:
Dr Lee Hill
H50 Dstl Malvern
St Andrews Road
Malvern WR14 3PS
Tel: 01684 771110
Fax: 01684 771489
Email: ljhill@dstl.gov.uk
Author: EARSC

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