"Future Approaches to Land Development" (FARLAND)

“Future Approaches to Land Development” (FARLAND) is a transnational network project part-financed by the European Union ? INTERREG IIIC.
The FARLAND partnership consists of 7 policy related organizations and 4 research / knowledge related institutes from 7 countries across Europe. This project started on July 2005 and ends on December 2007.
4CLI has been appointed to carry out the dissemination and promotion tasks of the Farland project.
FARLAND contributes to the upgrading of instruments for integrated land development and stimulates exchange of knowledge and experience. Three main principles “more integration, more decentralization and more flexibility ” will direct the activities that will be focused on land development related types of areas (agricultural areas, environmentally sensitive areas and metropolitan landscapes).
For more information on the Farland Project please visit: www.farland-project
For contact information or further land development related issues visit our website on: www.4cli.org
Author: EARSC

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