Komsat-2: the alternatice metric solution

KOMPSAT-2 (KOrean MultiPurpose SATellite), the very-high-resolution satellite belonging to the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), is set for launch this summer.
As KOMPSAT-2 imagery distributor, Spot Image is ready to offer you easier and wider access to a unique palette of data products spanning VHR to wide-swath imagery:
* Exclusive access to KOMPSAT-2 VHR imagery
* A competitive range offering wider access to large-scale satellite mapping products
Very-high-resolution imagery
KOMPSAT-2 acquires imagery in black and white (Pan) at a resolution of 1 m and in colour (MS) across 4 bands in the visible (red, green, blue) and near-infrared at a resolution of 4 m. Simultaneous acquisition of Pan and MS images means that merged 1-m images are available as a standard product.
KOMPSAT-2 images cover a footprint of 15 km x 15 km.
The large-scale mapping solution
KOMPSAT-2??s coverage and resolution offer a more effective solution to all your detailed mapping needs, at scales of 1:5 000 to 1:2 000.
Resolution suited to feature detection and identification
KOMPSAT-2??s very high spatial resolution is a key reconnaissance asset. Ideally suited to strategic and operational intelligence gathering, it supports identification and characterization of sensitive sites and reconnaissance and identification of civil and military systems.
KOMPSAT-2: the metric element in Spot Image??s multisource portfolio
Spot Image??s optical imagery offers a range of resolutions and coverage for diverse geographic information needs, adapted to specific mapping scales and levels of analysis. Our complementary products are all supplied to the same standards and generated using the same procedures. 
If you have a multiscale mapping requirement for an area of interest, you submit a single request to a single contact. Spot Image offers you a multisource solution comprising maps:
* at regional scale (from 1:80 000) with SPOT and FORMOSAT-2 imagery to exploit the advantages of daily revisits so that you can build up wide-area coverages quickly and increase the chances of acquiring clear imagery over areas with frequent cloud cover;
* at local scale (urban scale, for example) with KOMPSAT-2 imagery for work at scales up to 1:2 000.
Author: EARSC

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