Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System up and running

Eighteen months after the tragic tsunami of December 2004, the entire Indian Ocean region has a warning system capable of receiving and distributing tsunami advisories around the clock.

UNESCO Director-General Ko?îchiro Matsuura announced that the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System is up and running as scheduled in an address to the Executive Council of UNESCO??s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (UNESCOIOC).

The Indian Ocean System constitutes a vital component of a global system, which the UNESCOIOC has been working towards. To this end, warning systems are also being established in the North East Atlantic, Mediterranean and Adjoining Seas, and the Caribbean. Protection is also being reinforced in the South West Pacific and the South China Sea.

Press Release

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Project website.

International Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO

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The UNESCO Courier, November 2005

Author: EARSC

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