VEGA consortium wins ?—2.2M contract from ESA for ADM Aeolus space mission

November 2005
VEGA Group PLC (VEGA), an
independent Programme and System Assurance company, has been awarded a
?—2.2 million contract by the European Space Agency, to build and
deliver the Core Payload Data Segment for the ADM-Aeolus mission.
VEGA will be acting as prime contractor to
build and deliver the Core Payload Data Segment for ADM Aeolus. ADM
Aeolus is part of ESA??s Living Planet Programme and its objective is to
observe global wind profiles and provide much needed information to
improve weather forecasting.
John Auburn, VEGA??s Business Development
Director for Aerospace commented, ?®We are delighted to be awarded this
contract. Our consortium is highly experienced in the development and
integration of payload data segments, which in principle, is the ground
data delivery network which will receive the scientific data from the
spacecraft that will be stored and then sent to the scientists. For
this project we are using key components that have been tried and
tested by ESA on other missions, such as Cryosat and GOCE and will
therefore deliver an efficient cost effective solution.?∆
In addition to the payload development and
integration, VEGA has taken the responsibility for the on-site
integration, providing simple lines of communication and clear
visibility of progress and accountability for the integration task.
About ADM Aeolus
ADM-Aeolus (Atmospheric Dynamics
Mission) part of ESA Living Planet Programme is due for launch in 2008.
Set at a low Earth orbit at an altitude of 400km from the Earth, its
objective is to make novel advances in global wind-profile observation
and will provide much-needed information to improve weather
forecasting. ADM-Aeolus is seen as a mission that will pave the way for
future operational meteorological satellites dedicated to measuring the
Earth’s wind fields.
About VEGA Group PLC
VEGA is an independent Programme and System
Assurance company. With over 25 years experience of delivering
consulting and technology services into Space, Defence and Government
sectors, we are trusted by our clients to provide independent advice
and reliable solutions, wherever the integrity of their programmes and
systems is essential.
Within the Space market, VEGA supports
scientific, commercial and military programmes worldwide and has been
involved in almost every European Space Agency mission over the last 27
years. VEGA acquired Anite Systems GmbH in September 2004 to strengthen
its breadth of capabilities within the Space market. Clients include:
European Space Agency, European Commission, Inmarsat, Eumetsat, EADS
Astrium, Alcatel and RapidEye.
VEGA was floated on the stock market in
1992 and has a full listing on the London Stock Exchange. VEGA
headquarters are situated in Welwyn Garden City with offices in
Bristol, Fareham, Germany and France. VEGA employs 600 staff, many of
which are placed on-site at client locations throughout Europe. VEGA is
also ISO 9001:2000 & TickIT accredited through Det Norske Veritas.
More info
John Auburn
Business Development Director, Space
Tel: +44 (0)1707 391999
Karen Rogers
Marketing Manager, Space
Tel: +44 (0)1329 223838
(Credits Vega
Author: EARSC

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