ESA tender opportunity opens for the evolution of GMES Services

ESA has issued an Invitation to Tender (ITT) to analyse the
evolution of GMES Services over the next decade. This ITT (05.1AE.08 on
the EMITS system) was issued on 17-Oct and will close on 25-Nov 12:00
am. A single contract (of 1.5 MEuro maximum, & duration 12 months)
is planned to analyse the evolution of GMES services over the next
decade, assess the requirements arising from this evolution and
formulate designs for operational implementation of service production,
delivery and use.
The prime objective is to generate clear and convincing answers to the following questions:
1. What is the full portfolio of GMES services in 2015 and who are they delivered to?
2. How can operational delivery and use of GMES services be organised?
3. What are the key steps and required developments to progressively roll-out GMES services?
This work shall include the following analysis:
1. A detailed specification of the service segment
architecture and implementation design for a few selected services
based on current capabilities and developments already underway
2. A future outlook assessing factors driving the evolving context in which GMES services will be provided.
The future outlook shall encompass as wide
a vision of GMES as possible beyond direct environment policies
presently addressed by on-going activities (such as GMES Services
Element contracts and Integrated Projects).
Author: EARSC

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