Reaching out to the New EU Member States:Cooperation on Applied EO/GMES

This Conference, hosted by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), will
provide a forum to discuss the potentials of enhanced cooperation in
applied earth observation (EO) in Germany and the new EU Member States.
To this end, it will offer participants the opportunity to present
their respective fields of research and projects in expert sessions.
Aiming to reach out to joint initiatives within GMES (Global Monitoring
for Environment and Security), the Conference will inform about the
related aspects of the EU Framework Programme for Research.
Furthermore, the mechanisms for cooperation as foreseen by the European
Space Agency (ESA) will be presented. The programme includes an on-site
visit of DLR EO facilities in Neustrelitz. In this way the Conference
will provide an additional forum to discuss the potential sharing of
infrastructures for EO data and related software and services. This
visit is co-hosted by the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern highlighting
its commitment to research cooperation within the Baltic sea region.
Companies will be offered the opportunity to present themselves and to
participate in the expert sessions as well as the overall programme.
(Credits DLR
Author: EARSC

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