European Satcoms could detect nuclear activity

The European GMOSS (Global MOnitoring for Security and Stability)
project has recently made progress on the domain of satellite imagery
analysis which could enable to detect nuclear activity from space.
aims at developing new technologies to support security aspects of the
Global Monitoring Environment and Security (GMES), a joint initiative
by ESA and the European Commission. The GMOSS research project deals
with various applications such as early warning, infrastructure
monitoring, border surveillance, and damage assessment. Recent progress
on imagery processing analysis allowed to improve image quality
obtained from commercial satellites. Consequently, GMOSS researchers
consider that the new techniques could enable nuclear- and
chemical-processing activity to be detected by civil systems such as
ESA’s ERS-1 and ERS-2 observation satellites. For instance, a possible
application could be to detect the characteristics of heat plumes from
nuclear reactor coolant system.
[Flight International 09/13/2005]
Author: EARSC

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