Satellites take part in the fight against forest fires in Southern Europe

12 September 2005
Since 2003, the EC Regulation Forest Focus requires monitoring of
forests and environmental interactions which can be met, in part, by
the use of satellite services.
One of these services is the European
Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) that develops and implements
advanced methods for the evaluation of forest fire risk and mapping of
burnt areas at the European scale. It has been widely used in the fight
against the recent fires in Southern Europe. The European Commission
Joint Research Centre initiated the development of this kind of
services in 1999.
The service continuously monitors the
situation , analyse mappes the risk level and supplies information to
the final users, who are Civil Protection Departments and Forestry
Services, in the Member States. All these activities are coordinated
with European Commission’s Environment Directorate General. (Credits EU-Space)
More information:
Author: EARSC

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