European Space Imaging Offers Katrina Damage Imagery to Media Free of Charg

6 Sep 2005 –
European Space Imaging
would like to offer imagery to the media free of charge that shows the
destruction caused by hurricane Katrina. In return we kindly encourage
you to make a donation to a humanitarian aid organization that supports
the hurricane victims.
The available imagery documents several
cities – New Orleans, Biloxi.- on the US Gulf Coast before and after
being hit by hurricane Katrina. The post-Katrina imagery was collected
on 02 September 2005 by the IKONOS satellite which collects global
imagery with a resolution of less than 1 meter from 681 km altitude in
The intended use of the images is as follows:
The images will be used for publication purposes only.
The images will not be given or sold to third parties without prior approval by European Space Imaging GmbH.
When used in Internet, publication or other media Space Imaging (USA) will be credited in the following manner:
(c) Space Imaging / provided by European Space Imaging
Please download the attached images and further images in print resolution (300dpi) from our ftp server:
Please visit the Space Imaging (USA) and the European Space Imaging website for updated post-Katrina imagery in the next days:
Author: EARSC

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