GAF AG: Information System in Papua New Guinea

Munich, August 23, 2005.
GAF AG, an
internationally active geo-information technology company, has been
awarded a contract by the Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG), funded
by the European Union to set-up and implement a Geological and Mineral
Resource Information System (GMRIS) at the Department of Mining (DoM).
Main objective of this challenging project is to sustain the country??s
economic performance through mineral production and exports and to
attract foreign investment into the mineral industry.
Minerals are an essential asset of PNG??s
economy, representing 71.7% of its 1999 exports (i.e. 767 M?— out of
1174 M?— total exports) and 15% of the Government revenue. Approximately
9,500 nationals are employed in large-scale industrial mines, while
50-80,000 people are engaged in small-scale mining activities. These
few numbers underline the importance of the PNG mining sector. The
Mining Sector Support (MSS) programme was launched by the European
Union as a grant from the 8th EDF funds under the SYSMIN initiative in
order to provide a number of supporting actions to the PNG authorities,
one of them being the design and implementation of a National
?®Geological and Mineral Resources Information System?∆.
One of the ways of attracting foreign
investment into mineral exploration is to collect and to supply data
(geological, geophysical, and geochemical) to exploration and/or mining
companies. A Worldbank funded programme has generated system components
as e.g. a remote sensing and geochemical data information system,
tenements information system, which will be integrated. The collection
of a number of new data also to be included into the GMRIS will be done
by other SYSMIN projects.
The overall objective of the MSS
programme is to increase foreign investment in PNG??s mineral sector,
with a special emphasis on mineral exploration expenditure. The
specific purpose of GMRIS is to build an information system located at
the DoM in order to:
?ÿ Store and manage geological/geophysical data
?ÿ Produce maps and digital information sets for private and
institutional clients, on the basis of a catalogue of standard products
?ÿ Provide a working tool for interpretative work and to assist in the revision of geological maps
?ÿ Provide the opportunity for other governmental departments
and agencies with heavy demand for geological and geophysical data to
implement their specialist databases
GAF AG is very much motivated to expand
recent geological GIS experiences gained in Oman, Mauritania and
Madagascar to the Australasian Region. ?®We at GAF recognise and
appreciate the pivotal importance of the wealth of geological and
geo-scientific data being made easily available to the mining industry,
administration, and finally the citizen by the use of modern
information technology. It is further one of the most effective means
to promote information capturing and hence also to protect numerous
data and documents from being lost forever?∆ states Dr. Tobias Wever,
head of GAF??s geological consulting services. The GMRIS project will be
implemented by GAF and its local partner Geo-Graphics Ltd. in close
co-operation with the Department of Mining in Port Moresby.
About GAF
GAF AG has leading competence and expertise
in applied remote sensing, geo-information, information systems and
capacity building services. GAF AG offers a comprehensive portfolio of
services ranging from the supply of geo-data (e.g. satellite and aerial
imagery, digital elevation models) to image processing, thematic
mapping, GIS/DBMS applications, software development, and full
consulting packages. GAF has a proven track-record in performing
technical assistance projects in the agriculture, forestry, geology,
infrastructure, land management, and environmental sectors and has
great experience of delivering customised mapping-, monitoring-,
planning-, and cadastral systems. For over two decades, GAF AG¨?s
activities have been overseen by the CEO, Dr. Rupert Haydn.
To obtain more information, please contact:
Dr. Tobias Wever
Tel. +49 (0) 89 12 15 28 0
Author: EARSC

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