Definiens Announces Expansion to North America

Definiens AG, a leader in advanced image intelligence solutions,
announced today the opening of a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary,
Definiens Inc., which closely follows the company’s global expansion
plan. This momentous growth is also due to an increased demand for
Definiens’ products and solutions, as well as part of an effort to
continue the high level of services and support that Definiens’
customers have come to expect and appreciate. Additionally, the U.S.
and European offices have been undergoing an increase in staff in order
to support the growing demand for the new products and solutions.

To better serve its customers Definiens will open offices in Boston
(Massachusetts) and Boulder (Colorado). “Definiens is experiencing
significant growth in the U.S. for its image intelligence software
solutions and services,” said Thomas Heydler, Definiens’ CEO. “Our
expansion into the United States is a major step in developing our
international business. A U.S.-based branch will enable us to expand
our presence in our most important market and demonstrates our
commitment to our North American customers.”

Definiens is now increasingly focusing on developing the
next generation of image intelligence solutions such as for
high-content screening, histopathology, and diagnostics in the Life
Sciences market, and for urban analysis, forestry and military/security
purposes in the Geospatial market,” Heydler adds. “Our new facilities
in the U.S. will give us access to ‘best of the best’ scientific and
business communities in one of the world’s most innovative areas.
Furthermore we will be able to strengthen our current partnerships and
be closer to our growing base of North American clients.

The Company will retain its main offices in Munich (Germany) which houses its R&D and the European operations.

About Definiens

Definiens is a global leader in providing advanced image
intelligence solutions and services that enable its clients to harness
all relevant information from digital image to support fast and
accurate decision making crucial to its business process. Definiens’
products are built on its platform technology (eCognition) that
represents a quantum leap in the realms of digital image analysis. Our
products are offered across chosen markets, initially focusing on Earth
Observation/Remote Sensing (EO/RS) and Life Sciences. Definiens offers
advanced and robust image analysis solutions to accelerate the drug
discovery, development, and diagnostics processes in life sciences, and
perform satellite and aerial image classification more intelligently,
more accurately, and more efficiently than traditional methods.
Definiens has customers worldwide in the areas of Life Sciences and
Earth Observation/Remote Sensing (EO/RS), including leading companies,
academic centers, and government agencies. Founded in 1994 by Nobel
Laureate Prof. Dr. Gerd Binnig, Definiens is based in Munich, Germany.
For further information regarding the company and its products please


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  • Mobile +49 (0)171 76 66 518
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Author: EARSC

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