Spot Image and ImageONE signed channel partnership agreement for distribut

Toulouse, 21 July 2005
Spot Image and ImageONE have signed a
commercial partnership agreement giving ImageONE exclusive rights to
distribute FORMOSAT-2 data to the entire Japanese market. The agreement
also grants three minutes per day priority reservation of the
satellite??s resources on the orbit west of Japan.
?®The energy and enthusiasm that ImageONE
has shown in the distribution of SPOT products in Japan convinced us
that they are the best partner to promote FORMOSAT-2,?∆ said Herv?‡
Buchwalter, Chairman & CEO of Spot Image. ?®The data from this new
satellite will reinforce the success of efforts to promote SPOT 5, for
which we also signed in 2002 an exclusive agreement for the national
security market.?∆
Japan??s space programmes
reflect its strong interest in satellite-based Earth observation and
are spurring development of thematic applications. Japan has been the
biggest user of SPOT imagery in the Asia-Pacific region for several
years now.
?®With its daily 2m imaging capability over
territories surrounding Japan, FORMOSAT-2 will certainly become an
attractive data source for Japanese customers. FORMOSAT-2 will also
serve as a good complementary data source to SPOT-5 for the territories
surrounding Japan,?∆ explained Hiroshi Nashimoto, President of ImageONE.
The FORMOSAT-2 Earth-observation satellite was launched by Taiwan??s
National Space Organization (NSPO), the country??s space agency, in May
2004. It provides black-and-white images at two-metre resolution and
colour images at eight-metre resolution. The NSPO has chosen Spot Image
as exclusive global distributor of FORMOSAT-2 products and services
outside Taiwan and China.
The Spot Image group is headquartered in
Toulouse, France, has five subsidiaries and three offices. It draws on
a global network of ground receiving stations, channel partners and
distributors to provide users with multi-resolution optical and radar
imagery. The density of this network makes it possible to bring
solutions and support to public- and private-sector decision-makers
anywhere in the world.
ImageONE Co. Ltd has
been active in the Japanese Earth-observation market as a supplier of
EO satellite ground receiving stations for over 10 years. Today, the
company distributes EO satellite data, related equipment and software,
and value-added information for decision-making and project support
services. It is the only comprehensive solution provider in the
Japanese EO market.
For further information
Spot Image Global Communications
France: Corporate Communications ?± Tel: +33 (0)5 62 19 40 10
United States: Clark Nelson ?±
Tel: +1 (0)703 715 3131
Japan: ImageONE ?±
Tel: +81 359082800
(Credits Spot Image)
Author: EARSC

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