Business Cooperation: Canada & Finland

Canadian space companies and their industry partners from Finland
have been selected to develop four remote-sensing projects through a
unique international partnership that will promote the commercial
potential of satellite products and services for both Canada and
Earth observation projects will be
developed through a Canadian Space Agency ( CSA ) and National
Technology Agency of Finland ( Tekes ) Memorandum of Understanding.
Signed in 2003, the agreement facilitates cooperation in satellite
remote sensing, helping consolidate space-based technological and
economic development opportunities between the two nations.
novel scientific and commercial collaboration will help both Canada and
Finland better understand and monitor our shared northern environment,
while fostering sustainable development and enhancing disaster
monitoring and ice surveillance for marine navigation,” said CSA
President Marc Garneau.
The projects were chosen through the
CSA’s Earth Observation Applications Development Program ( EOADP ) in
coordination with the Tekes’ Business Opportunities from Space
Technology Program ( AVALI ) of Finland. The projects will use Earth
observation data from one or a combination of images from Canada’s
RADARSAT or Europe’s ENVISAT, ERS-1 and ERS-2 satellites as the
significant data source forfor the development of applications to
support sustainable development, disaster mitigation and navigation of
vessels in the dangerous icy waters of the north.
Canada and Finland enjoy an excellent
space cooperation relationship. While currently focused in the
Earth-observation sector, there are many opportunities to work together
through European Space Agency programs and other international
initiatives. Canada and Finland contribute to the Swedish ODIN
satellite for ozone monitoring, and are exploring further collaboration
in atmospheric sciences, including a follow-on to ODIN. Both nations
also participate in the Northern View initiative, a “one-stop shop”
concept for northern Earth-observation applications within Europe’s
Global Monitoring of Environment and Security ( GMES ) program.
About the CSA
Established in 1989 and with its headquarters situated in Longueuil,
Quebec, the Canadian Space Agency is responsible for coordinating all
civil, space-related policies and programs related to science and
technology research, industrial development, and international
cooperation on behalf of the Government of Canada. The Canadian Space
Agency directs its resources and activities through four key thrusts:
Earth Observation, Space Science and Exploration, Satellite
Communications, and Space Awareness and Learning. With the overall
responsibility for advancing Canada’s space policy and programs, the
Canadian Space Agency leverages international cooperation to champion
world-class scientific research and industrial development for the
benefit of humanity.
About Tekes
Tekes, the National Technology Agency is
the main public financing and expert organization for research and
technological development in Finland. Tekes finances industrial R&D
projects as well as projects in research organizations. Tekes
especially promotes innovative, risk-intensive projects. The primary
objective of Tekes is to promote the competitiveness of Finnish
industry and the service sector by assisting in the creation of
world-class technology and technological know-how. Specifically, Tekes’
activities aim to diversify production structures, increase production
and exports, and create a foundation for employment and social
well-being. Tekes offers partners from abroad a gateway to the key
technology players in Finland.
For more information, please contact:
Nicholas Girard
Media Relations
Canadian Space Agency
Telephone: ( 450 ) 926-4370
Eeva Ahola
Communications Manager

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