European Space Imaging joins forces with Euromap

European Space Imaging announced that the company has started the
distribution of imagery from the new IRS-RESOURCESAT-1 satellite to
customers in Europe and North Africa.
RESOURCESAT-1 collects imagery at
resolutions ranging from 5 to 60 meter which complements European Space
Imaging??s product suite of very high resolution IKONOS imagery of up to
80 cm resolution.
The distribution of RESOURCESAT-1 imagery by European Space Imaging is
made possible through an agreement with Euromap of Neustrelitz,
Germany. Euromap is the company responsible for the reception and
distribution of imagery from the Indian Remote Sensing programme in
Europe. The company started systematic reception and processing of
RESOURCESAT-1 imagery over Europe in March of this year and has
collected IRS-1C and 1D data since 1996.
The RESOURCESAT-1 satellite was successfully launched into sun
synchronous orbit on October 17, 2003 with a planned mission life of
five years. RESOURCESAT-1 continues the high quality service provided
by IRS-1C/D but with vastly enhanced data quality delivered by three
improved multispectral cameras. A solid state onboard recorder ensures
global coverage. Since November 2004, Euromap directly collects
RESOURCESAT-1 data over Europe and North Africa through their ground
station in Neustrelitz.
RESOURCESAT-1 allows simultaneous acquisition of multispectral data at
swath widths ranging from 600 via 140 to 23 km and spatial resolutions
from 60 via 20 to 5 m respectively. This unique combination of sensors
makes RESOURCESAT-1 data the ideal solution for a full range of remote
sensing applications including land use mapping, agricultural
monitoring, disaster assessment and many more.
The multispectral
scanner LISS-III (140 km swath) is ideally suited to fill in the
absence of a fully operational Landsat ETM.
?®During its eight years of operation Euromap has built an excellent
reputation of delivering quality products from the IRS 1C and 1D
systems?∆, says Adrian Zevenbergen, European Space Imaging??s General
Manager. ?®The addition of IRS products to our product portfolio allows
us to offer our customers and resellers the major range of spatial and
spectral properties that the remote sensing business community
currently requires.?∆
?®European Space Imaging??s sales channels and market reach will help us
to quickly introduce our RESOURCESAT products and opens also further
project opportunities for Euromap??s parent company GAF?∆, says Dr.
Rupert Haydn, Managing Director of Euromap and CEO of GAF AG.
?®We are
convinced that joining the resources of both companies will expand the
use of IRS imagery in various earth observation projects throughout
Europe and North Africa.?∆
About European Space Imaging:
European Space Imaging is the pre-eminent supplier of high quality,
high-resolution, global IKONOS satellite imagery and derived
information products to customers in Europe. European Space Imaging is
headquartered in Munich, Germany, and is a commercial Regional
Affiliate of Space Imaging Inc. from Colorado, USA. European Space
Imaging’s imagery product line is derived from IKONOS, the world’s
first commercial high-resolution imaging satellite.
Launched in September 1999, IKONOS has revolutionized the geographical
information industry. With a ground resolution of just 82 centimeter,
and positional accuracy of 1 meter horizontally, this represents the
most accurate satellite imagery data currently available to commercial
About Euromap:
Euromap Satellitendaten-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1996
as a 100% owned subsidiary of GAF AG creating an efficient commercial
structure to receive, archive and market satellite earth observation
data in Germany. Experience and expertise in data reception and
processing is optimally combined with marketing and distribution
activities ?± providing the essential conditions for supporting a
growing user-market in remote sensing data. Euromap GmbH is located in
Neustrelitz, Germany.
Point of contact for media:
European Space Imaging GmbH
Nadine Paraton, MarketingManager
Phone: +49 ?± (0) 89 13 014 2-55
Fax: +49 ?± (0) 89 13 014 2-22
Author: EARSC

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