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UNOSAT is a United Nations initiative to provide the humanitarian
community with access to satellite imagery and Geographic Information
System (GIS) services. UNOSAT is implemented by the UN Institute for
Training and Research (UNITAR) and managed by the UN Office for Project
Services (UNOPS). In addition, partners from public and private
organizations constitute the UNOSAT consortium.
The UNOSAT core team consists of UN fieldworkers as well as satellite
imagery experts, geographers, database programmers and internet
communication specialists. This unique combination gives us the ability
to understand the needs of our users and to provide them with suitable,
tailored solutions.
The goal of UNOSAT is to make satellite
imagery and geographic information easily accessible to the
humanitarian community and to experts worldwide working to reduce
disasters and plan sustainable development. To do this we acquire
satellite images from all commercial providers.
UNOSAT is a unique cooperation initiative
between the UN, science and satellite industry that ensures low-cost
and high quality solutions.
UNOSAT provides services in the following areas:
?Ø Satellite imagery selection and procurement assistance
?Ø Image processing
?Ø Map production
?Ø Methodological guidance
?Ø Technical assistance
?Ø Training
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Author: EARSC

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