LogicaCMG contributes to success of Japan's new weather satellite MTSAT-1R

Information extracted from LogicaCMG website
– LogicaCMG software processes weather images for East Asia –

The first image
from Japan�s new weather satellite, MTSAT-1R, has now been successfully
received and processed. The image was uploaded by the NEC Toshiba Space
Systems, Ltd. (NTSpace) and LogicaCMG ground facilities at the Japan
Meteorological Agency (JMA)�s Hatoyama centre, 100km north of Tokyo.

built by Space systems/Loral (SS/L), Palo Alto, California, was
launched on 26 February 2005 to provide regular weather images and data
over the East Asia region. The facilities to process data and correct
them for dissemination to the user community were supplied by LogicaCMG
under contract to NEC Toshiba Space Systems, Ltd. (NTSpace) as part of
SS/L�s MTSAT-1R program for use by JMA.

Mr Takashi
Ohshima, Head, Office of Meteorological Satellite Planning, of JMA said
�This successful processing of images is an important milestone in the
MTSAT programme to replace the Geostationary Meteorological Satellite
(GMS) series as the next generation satellite series covering the East
Asia and the Western Pacific regions.�

Mr Hideki Kimura,
MTSAT-1R image data processing system manager, of NTSpace said �The
ground facilities are crucial to ensuring that MTSAT-1R data meets the
timeliness and quality requirements of the meteorological user
community. The complex real-time software required to process the
MTSAT-1R images was supplied and supported by LogicaCMG and is
significantly more sophisticated than the software for previous series
of Japanese weather satellites. The performance of the whole MTSAT-1R
system including the ground facilities is a new breakthrough in weather

Mr Pat Norris, business development manager,
space division, LogicaCMG said, �Weather satellites play a critical
role in today�s economy. We are proud to be playing an important part
in ensuring that Japan now has one of the world�s most advanced
geostationary weather satellite systems. Our software processes the
MTSAT-1R images in real-time, removing minor distortions by
automatically analysing landmark features in the image, and then
disseminating the corrected images to users within a few minutes. This
fully automatic processing technology has many other potential uses
such as for car number plate recognition or biometric feature
identification (such as face, iris, fingerprint).�
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Author: EARSC

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