European Programmes: Groung Segment Architecture for the GMES Satellites

ESA Open Invitation To Tender: AO4805
The objective of this work is to establish the Payload Data Ground
Segment architecture for the Sentinel satellites following the
principles of the Open Operational Ground Segment enabling seamless
access to different satellite data to large user communities. The work
shall define the integration of each Sentinel satellite mission in the
existing multi-mission infrastructure, defining the related evolutions
in a way to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the
Sentinel satellite missions and the continuity of the services for the
ESA Earth Observation users. Furthermore, the specification work shall
ensure interoperability with other European and International missions
relevant for the objectives of the GMES, implementing related
interfaces, and shall consider the impact of requirements coming from
the security community. The work shall be carried out in tight
coordination with the Sentinel system definition and with the ESA
activities related to the interoperability.  
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Author: EARSC

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