Ten-Year GEOSS Action Plan

Around 60 nations and more
than 40 international organisations participated in the Third Earth Observation
summit on

16 February 2005 in

. The EO Summit took place within
the context of Earth and Space Week, a major EU-ESA sponsored event. Assembled
delegates at the summit formally agreed on a ten-year plan to implement a Global
Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). The plan summarises the steps that
need to be taken to put a Global Earth Observation System of Systems in place.
Building a GEOSS means bringing together numerous EO sources and datasets and
creating a sustainable network for the distribution of data and information
products and services. GEOSS aims to increase responsiveness to user needs and
improve information delivery to users. The creation of a single, comprehensive
and sustained system for Earth Observation could help countries to identify and
address global environmental and economic challenges, including climate change
and natural disasters.


Author: EARSC

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