EARSC Scope and Membership Procedure

EARSC vision

The private sector is making a great effort to establish an Integrated Earth Observation system. EARSC main objective is to strengthen and to articulate Earth¬?s monitoring activities and to foster the role of Industry in this European effort and for those new challenges.

EARSC provides information to Members on relevant EU initiatives and other issues of importance; it lobbies European institutions, particularly the EU, on all issues relevant to Earth observation, promotes the role and importance of Earth Observation to European policy makers or encourages the exchange of information between Earth Observation Industry and other institutions throughout Europe.

Specific objectives for EARSC

  • To promote the interests of, and co-operation between, European remote sensing companies;
  • To make users aware of the benefits of remote sensing techniques and the products and services available from its members;
  • To provide its members with information on the development of the remote sensing market;
  • To ensure that its members’ views are represented in national and international fora and initiatives in the field;
  • To give advice and assistance on remote sensing issues to funding and executing agencies.

EARSC Membership

EARSC is open to all those European Companies interested in supporting high-quality, policy-oriented research and applications in the Earth observation sector.

Application procedure

  • Be an eligible Company (demonstrate active involvement in Earth Observation),
  • By applying for membership in EARSC and by signing, review and agree to all terms and conditions in the EARSC Membership Agreement, – Nominate a staff member to act as point of contact for EARSC communications and supply their contact details to the EARSC implementation team,
  • Your Company can apply for membership by completing our on-line application form, – Submit your Company profile via internet (Company name, Contact person, Title of contact person, Address, Country, Phone, Fax, e-mail address, Website, Interest and other related information). Please notice that your application should describe your company’s activity in the Earth Observation market, – The Executive Secretary reports to the Board of Directors to analyze and to review the Membership applications. Secretariat will formulate a proposal to be approved in one of the Executive Board ordinary meetings,
  • After processing, we will inform you of the status of your application and, if your Company is accepted as an EARSC member, we will provide you with appropriate information on how to access our EARSC member website,
  • The Treasurer will send an invoice to your Company to pay the membership fee and you will receive a notification of Membership valid for one year. Should your company’s membership be approved, this will become effective in the following approval of your application and upon receipt of the annual membership fee, – Please acknowledge the reception by returning the fee and information required properly filled out and signed **

Membership criteria

Your company must be committed to the objectives of the Association, these being to; – encourage closer links between European Companies, in order to facilitate the growth of the Earth Observation industry;

  • help gather all Companies which are active in the field;
  • fill out and update your company profile at EARSC website
  • give advice and assistance on Earth observation issues to feed the EARSC dynamic newsletter providing info about events, conferences, news, programmes, etc;
  • provide comments on how we could best help the Earth observation industry community

Your Company should also be aware of and benefit from the fact that the Association may represent the interests of its members to all public or private organisations, and at institutions, national or international.

EARSC Benefits

There is a wide range of benefits offered by the EARSC to its members. These include EU and ESA representation, European network partner search, professional development and conference participation, access to the EARSC membership directory and events calendar information and information on various other news. Subject to acceptance procedures set in place by EARSC, your Company will receive the e-newsletter and will have access to other services that are expected to include in our website, on-line news, information about funding opportunities, upcoming events, etc.

EARSC Activities

EARSC gives to Members a powerful voice in Earth Observation policy. Our professional network and external events develop authoritative position papers on important Earth Observation policy issues and a trusted information resource for the media on all subjects relating to sustainable development,

EARSC focuses on the governance and policies of the Association, on the working groups and opportunities on external events for active member participation,

EARSC also organises meetings throughout the year for the benefit of its members where policies and programs are proposed by standing BoD working groups. The Board meets around four times a year and, additionally, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Brussels each June. Usually, the AGM includes addresses by one or more keynote speakers in the remote sensing field.

EARSC Achievement

EARSC holds a unique place in the co-operation with European Commission on a number of activities concerning Earth Observation links between EO actors. Particularly relevant is the GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) initiative, where EARSC participates in the different GMES Working Groups and Plenary meetings and Space policy Consultation workshops,

EARSC provides an industrial view to European Space Agency on the future directions of data and data application policy, particularly with respect to EOEP, Earth Observation Envelope Programme market development.

EARSC coordinates workshops that present their findings to key public opinion leaders, EARSC fosters relationships with the media and the public to give them a better understanding of how remote sensing programs benefit the European economy, security, technological growth and sustainable development.

EARSC Future

Nowadays, EARSC is embarking on a new strategy for Earth observation awareness and to have industry working together for a better future. EARSC is definitively becoming the main point of contact for Earth Observation Industry in Europe. EARSC will continue to expand its activities according to its members’ views wherever it can benefit the Earth Observation industry.

EARSC looks forward to a mutually supportive relationship with the Earth Observation Community!

Author: EARSC

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