EARSC Introduces New Corporate Image


EARSC has launched a new website.
The site will feature an ongoing series of articles provided by
Members. The idea is to make a renewed commitment to updating the site more frequently with Members the latest information. That is for Members will use the control management system to keep posted present Companies commentaries on a variety of subjects related to Earth Observation Industry; market views, programmes involved, products or current events in a periodical blogs. The idea is to have all Members involved in a joint future for the benefits of Earth Observation Sector. Hopefully we will achieve that commitment in the coming year!

New Visual Identity

The introduction of a new corporate image is symbolic of a new chapter in the EARSC strategy. The logo that has represented EARSC for the past years has been transformed into a more contemporary and eye-catching symbol which flying stars that introduces the idea of working together for a better future at the European Earth Observation Sector.

Author: EARSC

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