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The European Commission appreciates the collaboration with EARSC, as an honest broker to link with the private sector, in particular SMEs. These companies play a crucial role as EO-based service purveyors, technology developers, and the commercialization of innovations. The dialogue with EARSC helps us achieve the ambitious EU policy goals and bring EO to end-users in order for them to be able to fully profit from the EU investments into Earth observation.

FRANZ IMMLER, Head of the Environmental Observation Sector, DG RTD European Commission

EARSC has been instrumental to put forward the perspective of Europe’s space industry into the Copernicus ecosystem and to foster growth of an international presence of the value-added sector. Both of these are key pillars for continued expansion of the EO sector.

Celestino Gómez
Director of Space, GMV

Joining EARSC has been instrumental in Rezatec gaining strategic insight into the fast developing earth observation data analytics sector in Europe and beyond. EARSC represents a great forum for SME voices to be heard in the Space Tech sector.

Patrick Newton
Chef Executive Officer, Rezatec

EARSC endorsement has enabled us to bring our solution to its Final Users. We are happy to be part of EARSC.

Pablo Marzialetti
CEO, Silex Clouds S.R.L

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