EARSC Start Up Award

The EARSC Secretariat rewards every year a start-up that is less than 5 years old, shows growth in revenues and/or personnel growth, and finally has a good and coherent promotion of the company and its products.

Criteria to apply:

Companies registered in EU or ESA Member state countries.

Nomination’s schedule:

All European EO Start-Up Companies are invited to nominate themselves for the award by the 11th of May.

All companies nominated will go into a vote by the EARSC secretariat for a pre-filter of the 3 best start-up companies.

Each nomination should provide a short justification against each of the criteria below as to why they should be considered for the EARSC European EO Start-up Award. The winner will be selected by the EARSC officers.

All votes will remain confidential to the EARSC secretariat and the name of the winner will be revealed at the EARSC General Assembly in June.

Criteria for evaluation:

  • year of formation
  • company generic description
  • show growth in revenues and/or personnel growth
  • good and coherent promotion of the company and its products

In case you have any questions contact: info@earsc.org

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