What is EARSC?
EARSC is an Association of Companies representing the Earth Observation Community. The association is made up of remote sensing companies within the countries of the European Union (EU)

EARSC is a public or private organization?
EARSC is an a.i.s.b.l. (Association internationale sans but lucratif)
EARSC is an International Not-for-Profit Association under Belgian law (N. 0447.243.442) enjoying financial and administrative independence. It aims first and foremost at conducting research (scientific and technological development) work related to Earth Observation Industry and Services

What does EARSC do?
EARSC Provides information to Members on relevant EU initiatives and other issues of importance:

  1. Lobbies European institutions, particularly the EU, on all issues relevant to earth observation
  2. Promotes the role and importance of Earth Observation to European policy makers
  3. Encourages the exchange of information between Earth Observation Industry and other institutions throughout Europe

How does EARSC work?
EARSC has a formal structure. EARSC communicates through a magazine ìEOzine: EARSCNewsletterî, a website www.earsc.org and an annual meeting with representatives from member companies. The executive, Board of Directors, meets at least four times a year. The executive and chairman are nominated for a period of three years at the annual meeting. The chairmanship rotates among the member companies. The secretariat and the office of EARSC used to follow the chairman accordingly. From October 2004 an Executive Secretariat has been contracted as part time job

Which is the vision of EARSC?
The private sector is making a great effort on establish an integrated Earth Observation system. EARSC main objective is to strength and to articulate the Earth¥s monitoring role and the importance of the Industry at this European effort of new challenges

What role does EARSC in European lobbies?
Lobbying: Meetings and liaison with relevant officials of the European Commission and representatives of European Space Agency, as well as with other key representatives in the EU. Responses to policy issues such as European Space Policy contribution. Meetings and liaisons with other organisations and networks having similar interests in earth observation industry

Who can join the EARSC?
Any European Company or Institution working in geo-information working in Earth Observation Sector interested in the aims of the EARSC may apply for membership.

Why should a Company become an EARSC member?
There is a wide range of benefits offered by the EARSC to its members. These include EU and ESA representation, European networking partner search, professional development and conference participation, access to the EARSC membership directory and events calendar information, free Newsletter publication and information on various other news. To find out more please explore further in this website.

How can I apply for EARSC membership?
Your Company/Organization can apply for membership by completing our EARSC member profile template.pdf. If you are unable to use this application form, please contact us and we can send it to you by email.
EARSC Generic info.pdf

What happens after I send my application form?
When we receive the form, we will process your membership application as quickly as possible. The Board of Directors will review and approve your candidature at the following meeting. We will send you a welcome package and an invoice for your membership fee. Then an email of confirmation will be sent by Secretariat and Treasure for Membership requirements

Can I apply for Individual or NGO¥s membership of the EARSC?
No, Membership is not individual and personal. Only European Companies can become members of the EARSC

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