Introduction to CREODIAS 2.0 – the first commercial element of the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem

We are inviting you to attend a webinar: Introduction to CREODIAS 2.0 – the first commercial element of the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem”. From the webinar,

you will learn how to use the new CREODIAS capabilities that make the platform a user-friendly environment for creating and scaling commercial services using Copernicus data.Learn more and register here. CREODIAS provides commercial services for the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem, offered by a consortium consisting of T-Systems as a leader, CloudFerro, Sinergise, VITO, DLR, ACRI-ST, and RHEA.  The platform provides immediate access to the Copernicus Sentinel satellite data and Services, Envisat and ESA/Landsat data, and other EODATA. During the webinar, we will present the new version of the CREODIAS platform that offers even more capacity and scalability for users’ projects, free services and tools based on EO Data, and commercial services. 


WHEN: Thursday, 19 October, 14:00 – 15.30 CEST


DURATION: 90 min



1.       CREODIAS as the first commercial element of Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem – Marcin Białecki, CloudFerro2.       What is CREODIAS 2.0, new features – Marcin Białecki, CloudFerro3.       Free EODATA based services, tools – Jan Musiał, CloudFerro4.       Commercial services of CREODIAS:

o   CloudFerro WAW3 Cloud services – Marcin Białecki, CloudFerroo   Open Telecom Cloud services – Uwe Marquard, T-Systemso   Sentinel Hub – on-the-fly processing service for satellite data – Andras Zlinszky, Sinergiseo   openEO – programming libraries to process a wide variety of EO datasets – Pratichhya Sharma, VITO

5.       Use cases for different user groups:

o   For scientists: CREODIAS meets science – air quality monitoring using EO data – Patryk Grzybowski, CloudFerroo   For service providers: Tools and services capabilities to build your applications – Uwe Marquard, T-Systemso   For public administration: CAP monitoring with Sentinel Hub – Andras Zlinszky, Sinergiseo   For startups: openEO Algorithm Plaza: A One-Stop-Shop for EO Solutions – Pratichhya Sharma, VITO

  1. Q&A session


  • you are looking for a platform that provides an easy access to Earth Observation data, together with Earth Observation focused applications for data access and processingyou are a current CREODIAS user who wishes to use the platform’s full functionality and potentialyou are a user of Copernicus Open Access Hub, seeking a more advanced functionality for Earth Observation data processing.


  • What are the new CREODIAS capabilitiesWhat to pay attention to when using cloud resourcesWhat you can find in the CREODIAS Knowledge base and how to look for supportHow the platform services and tools can be applied by different user groups – on the basis of use cases.

 Find more information and register on the webinar page.

Author: EARSC

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