EARSC Press Release: Emmanuel Pajot is appointed new Secretary General of EARSC

On the 18 June 2020, EARSC held virtually its Annual General Meeting. EARSC members where informed about the association’s activities in the last year, the priorities for the upcoming year and elected the new Board of Directors. After ten years of successful management of the association, Geoff Sawyer is stepping down from his position to become advisor to the EARSC Board of Director. Emmanuel Pajot has been appointed as the new Secretary General of EARSC.

Emmanuel joined EARSC in 2017 as senior project manager and had been leading several of EARSC’s projects. He holds a PhD in radar imagery and a Master in Business. Before joining EARSC he worked 13 years in the Oil & Gas Industry performing projects, research studies and business development. He has demonstrated his ability to work closely with end-user organisations, and to deliver services that met customers’ requirements.

Geoff Sawyer stated: “I seem to have spent much of my career working with EARSC. Firstly, as a chairman and director back in the 1990’s and then since 2011 as secretary-general. These last 10 years have far exceeded even my own expectations and I am very proud of what EARSC has become today. Now, I seek to reclaim some of my personal time and so it is with much regret that I step back but at the same time really I am very pleased that Emmanuel Pajot, who I recruited into EARSC, has now been appointed by the board as my successor. I shall still be working part time to support Emmanuel and help him take EARSC on into the next decade. It is a critical time for the industry in Europe and there is a lot to do to support the market growth. I am sure Emmanuel will serve you well over the next years and I shall also be pleased to spend time supporting and advising the EARSC board and to continue to meet many friends from the sector for some years to come.”

EARSC’s members and its board expressed how grateful they were towards Geoff for having transformed the association into the powerhouse that it is today and all its achievements in supporting the growth of the European Remote Sensing industry.

Emmanuel Pajot addressed the assembly about his priority for the association and the industry: “To develop the access to market, and bridging with communities of users and costumers.”

For more information about this, please contact our Communication Officer Marion Bouvet: marion.bouvet@earsc.org

About EARSC:
The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) is are a non-profit professional industrial body with the mission to foster growth of the Earth-Observation (EO) services sector. EARSC represents more than 120 companies throughout Europe, with most of them being SMEs. You can find more information about EARSC activities at earsc.org.

Author: EARSC

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