Cities Revealed?¥ 3D Buildings available for Google?¥ Earth

The GeoInformation?Ü Group, publishers of Cities Revealed?¥ aerial photography (, announces the availability of Cities Revealed 3D buildings in Google Earth 3D format. This new format provides the user with extruded 3D building polygons created using the highly accurate Cities Revealed Building Heights database. The resultant 3D buildings can be visualised within Google Earth, over the existing high-resolution aerial imagery.
This new 3D format option provides a low cost entry point into accurate 3D building visualisation within a real world context. The applications and uses of 3D buildings, within Google Earth, are extensive. Users will gain advantages in improved communications and information sharing by visualising and presenting the world in an easily understandable and clear way, also giving them a competitive edge. Many businesses and professionals will benefit from the ability to model and view the world in 3D including architects, planners, civil engineers, emergency services and insurance analysts.
Alun Jones, Managing Director of The GeoInformation Group, commented, ?¨This recent development is founded on a long established relationship between The GeoInformation Group and Google. Many visitors to Google Earth will have viewed Cities Revealed high-resolution aerial imagery of the United Kingdom. By making available the Cities Revealed Building Heights data as 3D buildings we are opening our database up to many new users, giving UK clients an opportunity to extend their Google Earth experience into the third dimension.?Æ
Cities Revealed 3D buildings are currently available for central London and over the next twelve months Building Heights databases and 3D buildings will be made available for 568 UK cities. The publication and use of 3D buildings, created using the Cities Revealed Buildings Heights data, are subject to the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement. A 3D rendering of an area around Buckingham Palace and Victoria Station has been added by The GeoInformation Group to the Google Earth 3D Warehouse and is available for download and viewing now.
About the GeoInformation Group
The GeoInformation Group is a privately owned geospatial imagery company based in Cambridge, UK, with offices in South Africa and partners in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland and Japan. The GeoInformation Group is one of Europe’s leading providers of high-resolution ortho imagery products. Its aerial imagery products are published under the brand name Cities Revealed. Orthorectified aerial imagery is available on CD-ROM from over 250 cities including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Tokyo, Johannesburg and many other major urban centres across Europe and Africa.
It also provides mapping services for specific client needs and has undertaken contracts to provide bespoke image databases across the world.
(Credits Spatialnews) 
Author: EARSC

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