Feb 10, 2008

Thales Alenia Space Deliver The SIRAL-2 Radar Altimeter

Thales Alenia Space is glad to announce that SIRAL-2, the SAR Interferometer radar altimeter that will be embarked onboard the CryoSat-2 mission, has been delivered in due time to EADS Astrium GmbH (Immenstaad in Germany), the prime contractor of the CryoSat-2 mission.

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SIRAL-2 is the main scientific instrument of the CryoSat-2 satellite, an ESA (European Space Agency) program, which will determine the rate of change in the thickness of continental and at-sea ice fields, with unprecedented accuracy. This program has a crucial role in the knowledge of climate evolution.

Jean-Louis Etienne, Pole explorer, prominent witness of climate change and SIRAL-2 godfather, was present during this exciting moment of delivery that represents several years of design, development, production and test by the expert engineers and technicians of Thales Alenia Space in Toulouse.

With the SIRAL-2 contract, Thales Alenia Space consolidates its position as the world leader in space altimetry. Following the very successful Poseidon oceanographic altimeter, SIRAL-2 signs a new generation of spaceborne altimeters.

CryoSat-2 is expected to be launched in March 2009 and will be operational 3.5 years, which could be extended to 5 years.

(source: Thales Alenia Space)