May 24, 2016

EARSC at the Geospatial World Forum 2016

EARSC is participating to the next Geospatial World Forum
We will present in several sessions and are organising a dedicated workshop during the conference.

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EARSC at the Geospatial World Forum 2016

After 8 consequently years the Geospatial World Forum has gained a repute of being a not-to-be-missed conference for the professionals engaged in geospatial sector and its application domain.

EARSC is participating to this conference in several sessions:

Our Secretary General, Geoff Sawyer has been invited in the Symposium on Impact of Geospatial Information on Society and Economy on 25 May and the 1st EU Geospatial Business Summit.

In addition, EARSC is organising a workshop on the results of the Copernicus Sentinels’ Products Economic Value study on 26 May. Users of satellite data will join Marc and Geoff to explain how they use satellite data in their daily work and how imagery benefits the economy and citizens.