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Planetek Italia S.r.l.

Simplifying the complexity of space

Planetek Italia S.r.l. designs new processes and solutions that simplify the use of geo-localized information. We cover all phases of the geo-localized data life cycle, from the acquisition, storage, management, analysis and sharing of information in order to produce and generate knowledge.

We adopt the principles of Strategic Design to satisfy users needs with full respect for economic, social and environmental sustainability and technological feasibility.

Our application areas are scientific missions for Universe exploration, environmental and land monitoring, as well as open-government and smart cities:

  • Development and integration of Earth Observation data processing chains designed for the supply and distribution of geospatial solutions oriented to the user and derived from optical and radar data, as well as for the integration of these data in a fully operating Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) INSPIRE compliant. We provide solutions in the fields of urban planning, civil protection and emergency response, tourism, renewable energy, fleet monitoring, coastal monitoring and protection, defence, as well as in the markets of energy, transport (railways, roads) and infrastructures.
  • Definition and implementation of software for space systems for Earth Observation and Planetary Exploration missions such as ERS, Envisat, COSMO-SkyMed, Mars Express, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Solar Orbiter. We provide “Ground Segment” systems and technologies to manage and process satellite data acquired by the spacecrafts instruments. Our main activities include real-time systems, on board processing software for the space segment, radar and optical data processing for the ground segment, mission planning and software for EGSE.

Planetek Italia is the Intergraph, ERDAS & Hexagon Geospatial Master Dealer in Italy for GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, and geospatial solutions. The Company is one of the main Italian satellite data reseller and value added provider.

The Company responds to markets needs through its four Strategic Business Units:

  • SBU European Institutions, which designs and develops geospatial solutions to support the European Institutions and Agencies in the framework, for example, of Copernicus programme and INSPIRE initiatives;
  • SBU Space Systems, which develops and integrates software infrastructures for the processing, management and distribution of remote-collected data for the market of international Space Agencies and the main aerospace operators;
  • SBU Business to Business, which offers the competence of Planetek Italia in the field of energy and transports to the commercial companies and private market;
  • SBU Government & Security, dedicated to Italian and international Public Administration and to the Defence market.

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