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GISAT s.r.o.

GISAT is operating from 1990 as the first privately run remote sensing and geoinformation service company in the Czech Republic. It was formed by its director Dr. Jan Kolar PhD, and is incorporated in Praha, the capital of the Czech Republic. Since its beginning the company is commited to applications in the domain of geomatics with specific focus at advanced technology of remote sensing and GIS.

GISAT Mission

The GISAT mission is to provide its clients with wide range of value added,
?ƒ?complete, high quality and ?¥state-of-the-art?? geoinformation services based on the Earth Observation technology.

Satellite data distribution

Based on the long-term partnership with all existing world-wide satellite data providers GISAT represents the centre point for all clients interested in satellite data acquisition. The list of satellite data that can be obtained through GISAT??s distribution channels?ƒ? includes QuickBird, IKONOS, OrbView, EROS, FORMOSAT, SPOT, IRS, ASTER, Landsat, Hyperion, KOSMOS, RESURS, RADARSAT, ERS, JERS, ENVISAT, etc. Before the satellite data are ordered and supplied any client can take advantage of consulting and advicing services related to the choice of proper data, accurate processing and integration with existing tools and databases. Thanks to the long-term experiences with the use of satellite data in many application areas GISAT can guarantee cost effective and straightforward solution adapted for each particular client.

Products and Services

GISAT is dedicated to provide its partners and clients with broad range of standard and user tailored products and services. They include:

- data acqusition
EO data, topographic and thematic maps, databases, ?Ò

- data level products (data processing)
orthorectification&mosaicking, DEM generation (stereophotogrammetry, interferometry), 3D vector extraction, …

- information level products (data analysis)
satellite&thematic maps, map update, 3D city models, …

- GIS development&modelling
GIS database creation&integration, spatial analysis, ?Ò

- geo-information assesment
environmental accounting, indicators development, ?Ò

- consulting, advising, training
satellite data processing&applications, GIS management, …

GISAT activities cover impressive range of thematic areas. Among all of them the environmental applications and agriculture can be considered as the main domains.

- environment
land cover/land use mapping and change analyses, soil erosion modelling, air&water?ƒ? pollution, …

- agriculture
crop monitoring, crop acreages estimation, agrometeorological modelling, crop yield forecasting, subsidy control, precision farming, …

- urban studies/spatial planning
urban mapping, baseline maps, multi-criteria based optimalization, resource-demand tasks, …

- defence, security, hazards
map update, terrain analysis, flood monitoring, multi-criteria risk analysis, …

- earth exploration
oil&gas exploration, water resource detection, geological mapping, …

- forestry
forest mapping&inventories, change detection, damage analyses, …

- infrastructure
GIS based management and planning, transport corridors mapping&monitoring, …

- other
tailored geo-services/products for specific clients

GISAT has long experience with management of international cooperation as well as good understanding of specific agricultural and environmental situation in the CEE countries having been the leader or taking a part in various international projects within ESA and EU/PHARE framework. In particular, GISAT experts have been involved for more than a decade in European land cover mapping (CORINE Land Cover programme) and various LC/LU data applications including land accounting and indicator development. In 1997-2000, GISAT was a leader of EEA PHARE Topic Link on Land Cover. Since 2001, GISAT is the member of EEA European Topic Centre on Terrestrial Environment.
As from 2004 GISAT is involved in several GMES projects focused on land monitoring and satellite mapping (AquaSAGE/SoilSAGE, GSE Land, Terrafirma, RESPOND). GISAT was the first institution that used the PECS agreement as the frame for GMES related contracts with ESA. The close collaboration with the potential users on governmental, regional and local level made the results of the projects concluded so far succesful stories how the EO technology can help during environmental decision making.


GISAT is an SME sized company comprised of small core team of 10 permanent staff and extensive network of supporting multidisciplinary experts for specifically oriented tasks. The educational background of the GISAT team is in agriculture, cartography, geography and natural sciences, land management, surveying and informatics. All of the staff members are holding MSc grade or equivalent.

?ƒ?The highly qualified experts are experienced in project management, consultancy and wide range of remote sensing and GIS applications in different thematic areas.

GISAT products and services rely on use of state-of-the-art information technology. The company is equipped with powerful computer network and and it uses leading GIS, IAS and DB software solution from ESRI, PCI and Oracle.
All methods applied are updated and improved according the recent developments in the EO domain worldwide and verified in the cooperation with both domestic and foreign institutions, e.g. the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Environmental Agency (EEA), the Joint Research Centre of the EU (JRC), the Czech Academy of Science and dozen of national and European Universities and Research Labs.

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