GEOValue Workshop in Frascati 2019

Advancing the Understanding and Measurement of the Societal Benefits of Earth Observations
July 1-3, 2019 | ESA-ESRIN | Lgo G.Galilei 1, Frascati, ItalyOverview

Proceedings Flyer Presentations (below)

Keynotes: Visions and Perspectives

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Josef Aschbacher (ESA, Director of  Earth Observation Programmes ) EOValue WS_Josef Aschbacher_ESA
Cynthia Lodge (USGS, Deputy Director) EOValue WS_Cynthia Lodge_USGS

Opening session: Motivations Approaches, and Practice for valuing EO – Moderator:  Rudy Aernaudt (EC)

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Claire Jolly (OECD, Head of Unit, Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation) EOValue WS_Claire Jolly_OECD
Steven Ramage (GEO Secretariat, Head of External Relations) EOValue WS_Steven Ramage_GEO
Carl Shapiro (USGS, Science and Decisions Center Director and Senior Economist) EOValue WS_Carl Shapiro_USGS
Mary Ann Kutny (NOAA, Satellite and Information Service International and Interagency Affairs Division, Deputy Director) EOValue WS_Mary Ann Kutny_NOAA
Charlotte Mathieu (ESA, Head of the Industrial Policy and Economic Analysis Section) and Mark Doherty (ESA, EOP Senior Advisor) EOValue WS_Charlotte Mathieu & Mark Doherty_ESA-ESRIN

Round Table: Measuring impacts: experiences from different domains – Moderator: Jay Pearlman (FourBridges)

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Michael Obersteiner (IIASA) – The measurement of environmental impacts: examples from IIASA
Jakob Mudesir Seid (Office of the Chief Statistician, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation) – Use of Geospatial Data at FAO EOValue WS_Jakob Mudesir Seid_FAO
David Haight (Canadian Space Agency) – The socio-economic benefits of space utilization in Canada EOValue WS_David Haight_CSA

Round Table I: Measuring socio-economic impacts – Moderator: David Haight (CSA)

Name File
Geoff Sawyer (EARSC) – Outputs from the Sentinels’ benefits study and the example Sea Ice Navigation in Greenland EOValue WS_Geoff Sawyer_EARSC
Martina Sindelar (EC DG-­GROW) -­ The Copernicus studies EOValue WS_Martina Sindelar_EC
Alan Smart (Acil Allen Consulting) -­ Economic Perspectives EOValue WS_Alan Smart_ACIL
Crista Straub (USGS National Land Imaging and the Fort Collins Science Center) – Using Contingent Valuation Methodology to Measure the Value of Landsat Imagery: 2018 User Survey EOValue WS_Crista Straub_USGS

Round Table II: Measuring socio-environmental impacts – Moderator: Michael Obersteiner (IIASA)

Name File
Lef Mamais (EARSC) and Steven Krekels (VITO) -­‐ Outputs from the Sentinels’ benefits study and the example of potatoes growing in Belgium EOValue WS_Lefteris Mamais Nikolay Khabarov Steven Krekels_EARSC IIASA VITO
Joe Silke (Irish Marine Institute) -­‐ An example of measuring impacts in a case of harmful algal blooms detection in Ireland EOValue WS_Joe Silke_Marine Institute Ireland
Andrus Meiner (European Environment Agency) -­‐ Role of Earth Observation in current state of environment reporting EOValue WS_Andrus Meiner_EEA
Sarah Ryker (USGS) – Use of valuation to prioritize future Earth Observations EOValue WS_Sarah Ryker_USGS

Round Table III: Measuring socio-regulatory (policy) impacts – Moderator: Claire Jolly (OECD)

Name File
Marc De Vries (The Greenland) and Erik Willem (Skogforsk – Swedish Forest Research Institute) – Outputs from the Sentinels’ benefits study and the example of forest management in Sweden EOValue WS_Marc de Vries Eric WIllen_The Green Land SFRI
Katarzyna Pogorzelska (EC JRC) – Advancing the measurement of EO value: the TES methodology EOValue WS_Katarzyna Pogorzelska_JRC
Jason Gallo (Institute for Defense Analysis) – Importance of Attribution for Assessing the Policy and Regulatory Impact of Earth Observations EOValue WS_Jason Gallo_IDA
Glenn Vancauwenberghe (KU Leuven) ­‐ Uptake of EO/Copernicus data for improving the performance of work processes EOValue WS_Glenn Vancauwenberghe_SADL

Round Table IV: Measuring impacts on innovation & entrepreneurship – Moderator: Massimo Florio (Universita’ Statale di Milano)

Name File
Dimitri Papadakis (EARSC) and Stefan Józefowicz (SatAgro) -­ Outputs from the Sentinels’ benefits study and the example of Farming in Poland EOValue WS_Dimitrios Papadakis_EARSC
Andy Coote (ConsultingWhere) -­ The UK location industry -­ a market survey EOValue WS_Andy Coote_Consulting Where
Amanda Regan (ESA) -­ Impact of EO on innovation and entrepreneurship at ESA EOValue WS_Amanda Regan_ESA-ESRIN

Round Table V: Measuring impacts on advancements in understanding (in science and technology)
– Moderator: Alessandra Tassa (ESA)

Name File
Dimitri Papadakis (EARSC) – Outputs from the Sentinels’ benefits study EOValue WS_Dimitrios Papadakis_EARSC_2
Stijn Vermoote (European Centre for Medium-­Range Weather Forecasts ECMWF) -­ EO data and its impacts on operational weather and climate services EOValue WS_Stijn Vermoote_ECMRWF
Karl Benedict (Earth Science Information Partners ESIP) – Assessing community impact: a sample of ESIP’s activities EOValue WS_Karl Benedict_ESIP
Imraan Saloojee (South Africa Space Agency) EOValue WS_Imraan Saloojee_SANSA

Results of the Splinter Sessions

Name File
Areas for Improvement EOValue WS_Splinter Sessions_Areas for Improvement
Next Steps EOValue WS_Splinter Sessions_Next Steps


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