Sector Workshop 3: Water Quality Management

Date of Workshop: 9th June

Please find the workshop report here.


The (virtual) workshop has the objective to understand how Sentinel data is being used in products and services to support the management of lakes and rivers across Europe. One SeBS case has looked at this sector in Germany and a second case is under development in Finland which shows significant benefits for environmental agencies to provide a better service for their citizens as well as improving reporting for regulatory needs.

Both these countries have a very large number of lakes. The traditional approach for monitoring has been to take and analyse samples taken from a few lakes and rivers in the region or country leaving many more where the condition is unknown unless something dramatic occurs. The use of Sentinel data allows all lakes to be monitored to provide an indication when problems due to contamination are arising allowing resources to be focused on where they are needed.

The regulatory environment is a strong factor in how the water resources are managed and synoptic, wide-scale information is a valuable tool for helping design better regulatory practices. Reporting requirements do not include the use of satellite data and hence whilst some agencies are already using it for this purpose, others await revised regulations to justify the introduction of new operational practices. As a result, agencies are limited in the information which they can provide to their local citizens.

The workshop will bring together experts in water quality management to consider where they are or could benefit from the use of Sentinel data. The lessons from the 2 aforementioned cases will be discussed and attendees will be able to compare and contrast with their own local conditions including what resources already exist in their country and what they can learn from others.

Who should attend?

Representatives from environmental agencies or other organisations with responsibility for policies linked to the management of water quality in lakes and rivers in Europe.


5 mins: Welcome and overview of the workshop.

5 mins: Overview of the findings from existing cases.

10 mins: Presentation of the practical use and benefits by primary users from the existing cases.

15 mins: Opportunity for each attendee to present their own national situation.

20 mins: Open discussion on Benefits for water quality management and its regulation.

5 mins: Summary and Conclusion.


A short report will be prepared for the workshop and made available to all attendees. Note, the workshop will be recorded for the project use but will not be made public. Follow-up will be possible between experts and with the project team which could result in further analysis and a full case study.

  • To analyse commonalities and differences among different actors and potential uses of Sentinels data in different countries/regions
  • to establish a benchmark of cases that can allow improving the current understanding related to the use of Sentinels data.
  • To establish a set of best practices which can inform environmental agencies and on the benefits of using Sentinel data.

To participate to the workshop, please send a short email to to indicate your interest. As a result, you will receive further information on the date of the workshop and how to join.