Water Quality Management in Germany

Sentinel 2 and 3 data are used to monitor water bodies in Germany and particularly in the region of Baden Württemberg. These measurements allow regional environment agencies – in this case LUBW, the BadenWürttemberg State Institute for the Environment – to
monitor the quality of water in lakes throughout their region to an extent that is not possible using traditional sampling and testing.

The data complements the in-situ measurements required for reporting purposes against regulations contained in the EU Water Framework Directive and/or the EU Bathing Waters Directive to name but two. But, while only a very limited number of the 260 water bodies over 10ha in size in Baden-Württemberg can be tested in the accepted, traditional way, the satellitederived data can provide good information for all of them.

This allows the LUBW and other regional agencies to provide a better service for their citizens for a moderate cost helping to reduce exposure to dangerous harmful algal blooms (HABs) whilst improving the environment, reducing pollution and helping nature conservation.

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