Recordings of the Workshop

Please find the full recording for DAY 1 here and DAY 2 here, or use the links below to skip to the relevant case/debate directly.

Workshop Running

0   Simon Jutz Introduction
4   Alessandra Tassa Welcome
10h30   Geoff Overview
21h30 Mediterranean case  
24   Animation  
27   Teresa The area covered by the oceans is large, so satellites are the realistic option for surveillance for safety and security purposes.

The high reliability of Sentinel 1 contributes to the excellent key performance indicators of the CleanSeaNet service in a very cost-effective manner.

38m Highways in Italy
39h30m   Animation  
43m   Flavio  
52h40 Grapes in France
53h50   Animation  
1h09 Agriculture in Poland
1h10:20   Animation  
1h13   Lef  
1h14   Przemyslaw  
1h18 Farming in Denmark
1h19;30   Animation  
1h22   Lef  
1h28 Questions  
1h38 Panel 1: Benefits to Entrepreneurship and Innovation
2h27 Break
2h34   Geoff  
2h36 Potatoes in Belgium
2h37   animation  
2h41   Steven  
2h52 Peatland Management in UK
2h53   Chris  
2h56;15   Philippe  
  Golf Course Management in Italy
2h59;30   Chris  
3h02   Statement  
  Geese in the Netherlands
3h04;030   Chris  
3h07;45 Forest Monitoring in Portugal
3h09   Chris  
3h11;50 Tesselo Statement  
3h15h15 Sea ice in Greenland
3h16   animation  
  Sea-ice in Baltic
3h22;45   Animation  
    Jarkko More pictures, please!
3h38 Academic publications
3h56 Close    
Day 2      
0h47 Grassland Monitoring in Estonia
0h48   Animation  
0h51   Daire  
  Forestry in Sweden
1h05   Animation  
    Anders More and more cooperation is very important.
1h20 Roads in Norway
1h21;30   Animation  
    Panel Heidi; “the service gives us data that was not available before ….. which gives us a better understanding of what might be happening ”
1h38;30 Hiccup
1h42 Water Quality in Germany
1h43   Animation  
1h45   Discussion  
1h55;30 Aquifers in Spain
1h55h40   Animation  
1h58;30   Discussion  
2h12 Panel 2: Benefits to Environment and Policymaking
3h03 Break    
3h09h45 Flooding in Ireland
3h12;15   Animation  
    Luisa Betilli  
3h24 Pipelines in the Netherlands
3h25;45   Animation  
3h28   Discuss  
3h41 Short cases; Daire
  Dredging in the Maldives
3h41;30   Statement  
3h44   Daire  
3h46;21 Wild Boar in Lithuania
3h48;30 Insurance & Risk in Slovenia
3h50;15 Oil stocks monitoring globally
3h50;35   Kayrros  
3h53   Daire  
3h54;20 Questions
  1 Flood maps Mathais Zezigger (?)
3h56;38 2 Floods (rapid mapping) Tobias Geiger
  3 Maldives Tobias Geiger
3h59 Deforestation monitoring
      No Animation
4h00;45   Presentation (Lef)  
    Arjen Vrielink  
  Panel 3: Benefits to Environment and Society
4h18;20   Nikolay + panel  
5h01 Pause    
  Final Open Discussion
5h59;03 resume Alessandra  
6h00;20   Catharina Bamps  
7h09   Close