EOcafe: Earth Observation: A Market ready to take off? The time is now!

Earth Observation: A Market ready to take off? The time is now! 

Thursday 15th September 2022

16:00-17:00 CEST 

Since the days of Landsat and SPOT in the 1980’s and many times since, people have heralded the  market for EO data. But, despite different data policies, commercial approaches and the  relationship with governments, the anticipated take-off has never happened.  

With increasing private investment and many more disparate EO missions coupled with a conjunction of factors, ranging from the fast-paced evolution of the technology and the increase in  data volume to the latest EU policy developments, the next years will be critical for the Earth  Observation (EO) services business as the industry is facing a new turning point!  

Is this time different? 

The modernization strategy of Copernicus0F1, aiming at putting digitalization at the heart of  Copernicus whilst supporting the EU environmental objectives and ensuring more resilience, will  be one strong factor to shape the evolution of the sector. It provides an opportunity for the sector  to develop new products and services and to pave the way for a transition from EO to Earth  intelligence. Can the industry become an integration point of earth-related information? 

The potential of the sector could also be enhanced with the integration of EO capabilities into  European policies. The EO services, powered by the huge existing (and upcoming) amounts of  data should be fully exploited by European policy makers1F2. The Green Deal package of measures,  demonstrating the EU’s aspiration to lead climate change mitigation, is a very good example. Its ambitious objectives can be supported further by Earth Observation data and services to provide  decision-makers with reliable and accurate information.  

Last but not least, the EU industrial policy has an important impact on companies because it is  used as a means to make European industry more competitive. The recent announcement of  Commissioner Breton about two new industrial policies2F3 to be developed to leverage EU public  procurement will surely be of major interest for the industry.  

Against this background, EARSC plays a significant role in supporting the industry. With its involvement in European and international projects, involving various actors, EARSC is connected with a large global network of stakeholders through cooperative actions. EARSC acts as a catalyst  by amplifying the voice of the industry and facilitating interactions, hence contributing to the  promotion of EO services so fostering the growth and competitiveness of the market.  

Join us in the EOCafe where our host Geoff Sawyer (EARSC Strategic Advisor and former  Secretary General) will be in conversation with Marc Tondriaux (EARSC Chairman) who will  discuss the current EO landscape and present the role and priorities of EARSC to support the EO  services industry.  

Some of the key topics are: 

• Which are the upcoming challenges for the EO services industry? 

• How will the evolution of Copernicus impact the sector?  

• How can the EU industrial policy support the EO industry?  

• How can EARSC support further the industry?  

Registration: The webinar is open to ALL but priority will be given to EARSC members. Registration is  free but compulsory. Please click on the following link to register.  

Registration link 

Please note this is a virtual event!   

EOcafe is part of a series of EARSC meetings that offer timely, relevant, and practical information  on a broad variety of topics related to the EO sector. Join us every two weeks to discuss and  network while enjoying a cup of coffee with friends.  


• The use of a video camera is not mandatory but encouraged to facilitate better interaction  among the attendees and the guest speaker(s).  

• The EOcafe will stay open after 17:00 in case our guests want to continue the discussion.  

• By registering for this event, you accept the terms and conditions (https://earsc.org/wp content/uploads/2021/03/EARSC_Events_GDPR.pdf).  

If you have any questions, and/or you want to know more about the EOcafe, and/or you want to  share an idea about a future EOcafe, please contact Natassa (Natassa.Antoniou@earsc.org).

Author: EARSC

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