C-CORE expands satellite and radar business through acquisition of VPI

C-CORE announces its recent expansion through the asset acquisition of Vantage Point International, a private company located in Ottawa, Canada. This acquisition positions C-CORE as one of Canada’s largest providers of Earth Observation application development and monitoring services.

C-CORE is pleased to announce the purchase of Kanata-based Vantage Point International (VPI) assets. C-CORE is a Canadian corporation providing applied research and engineering services to Government and natural resource industries worldwide. VPI specialized in radar related services to defence, space and environmental monitoring clients. The acquisition took place on May 30th, 2008.

C-CORE President and CEO, Dr. Charles Randell, sees VPI’s business areas as an excellent fit with C-CORE’s strategic plan for expansion in the Earth Observation (EO) sector and Government security markets. “The VPI client base broadens C-CORE’s markets in Defence R&D and Earth Observation and places us physically closer to those markets in Canada. The new personnel add considerable talent and depth to the Corporation’s radar expertise.

The EO sector offers companies of our size an impressive growth opportunity. The Government Defence and Security sectors are a relatively new area for C-CORE and this acquisition expands our client base in this business.” said Dr. Randell.

The acquisition makes C-CORE one of Canada’s largest providers of satellite surveillance and application development services. The combined capabilities and resulting corporate strength coupled with the new C-CORE Ottawa office expands the level and scope of support C-CORE can provide its existing and potential clients. Long-time C-CORE employee, Stephen Churchill, was appointed the Director of Ottawa Operations.

Overall theme and focus of article

This article informs about the recent expansion of C-CORE through the acquisition of Vantage Point International (VPI). This expands C-CORE’s EO processing and services provided to Canadian and international clients.

Author: EARSC

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