EARSC EVENT 2008:Is GMES an opportunity for the service industry? March 2008 – Brussels, Belgium

GMES has been hailed since 1998 and the Baveno Declaration as one of the flagships of Europe not only as a giant step forward in the monitoring of the environment but also as a key political framework and a possible boost to Europe in terms of scientific and technology advances as well as in terms of employment along the lines of the Lisbon Agenda.

Ten years later this initiative is becoming concrete with the study of the overall GMES architecture, the analysis of needs in terms of information access, the set up of the sentinels space segment, the finalisation of the INSPIRE directive and the initiation of the Fast Track Services.

The so-called upstream public service sector seems to be engaged in a serious preparation to operate operational services. The situation is much more confused concerning the downstream services sector. In particular the road ahead for SMEs is not clear and the dialogue with the GMES decision makers is quite limited.

The question legitimately raised by Industry is thus:
Is GMES an opportunity for the service industry?

The EARSC Workshop organised around these topics with participations from small and large industries as well as from European and national institutions and users will be an occasion to shed light on these issues and to draw with all parties involved a possible roadmap to make GMES an opportunity for the service industry. Among others, the workshop will face issues related to applications industry access to information about GMES data and service availability and schedule, and ongoing and future support to application development and deployment by the public sector and large corporations. The service industry sector is indeed a key for the success of the GMES Programme as a whole not only inside Europe itself but also to allow the benefits of the European GMES to be shared worldwide.

Draft programme will be prepared by January. If interested please send an email to secretariat@earsc.org to keep you informed about the event .

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