Public view: INSPIRE Draft Implementing Rules

The call for comments is open for a period
of eight weeks, until 21 December 2007. Only comments
received by the deadline using the template provided
will be considered. At the end of this phase of public
consultation, the Commission will elaborate a revised
proposal and submit it to the Regulatory Committee as
required by the Directive.

Please see

Additional Material provided as part of this
consultation include:

List of all the comments received to the previous
draft Implementing Rule (Version 2) published in
February 2007, together with action proposed by the
Drafting Team Metadata on each comment Synthesis of
comments prepared by the Drafting Team Metadata and
recommendations to the Commission
Documentation of the major changes introduced in
Version 3 of the Implementing Rule by the Commission
compared to V ersion 2

As an additional informative document, the relation
between the proposed implementing rule and the
European standards EN ISO 19115 and EN ISO 19119 is
also available. This is an initial document that will
be developed further in consultation with the
stakeholders and relevant standardization

Further documents explaining the relationship to other
standards such as Dublin Core, and guidelines for the
implementation of the Metadata Implementing Rules
will be published at a later date.

The INSPIRE team

Author: EARSC

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