Korea to Launch High-Res. Observation Satellite

Korea will launch the multipurpose satellite Arirang 2, which can track objects the size of a car, from Russia on July 28.
The Ministry of Science and Technology said the Multipurpose Satellite 2, as it is officially called, is equipped with a 1 m high-resolution satellite camera. It will be launched by a Russian ROCKOT from the Plesetsk facility 800 km northeast of Moscow.
The 1 m high-resolution camera means 1 sq.m on the Earth’s surface will account for a pixel in the pictures produced, a level of minuteness that allows a single car to be tracked anywhere on the peninsula. The satellite will orbit the Earth 14.5 time a day, and will be over the country two or three times a day, sending back images.
Airiang 2 will watch the environment, disasters and resources, and will also be put to use in the construction of the National Geographic Information System. Six hours and 55 minutes after the launch, at around 11 p.m., the Korea Aerospace Research Institute??s satellite control center in Daejeon will make first contact with the satellite. Korea operates eight satellites, including Arirang 1.
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Author: EARSC

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