Eurimage signs new framework supply contract with the EC

Eurimage, Italy, has been awarded a framework supply contract by the European Commission – Joint Research Center (EC-JRC) for the provision of satellite remote sensing data to European Institutions Services over the coming years.
The contract covers world-wide data from QuickBird (and future WorldView1), Landsat and ASTER satellites, to a maximum of 7 Million Euro (of which 6 Million Euro for QuickBird and WorldView1) for a total of 4 years.
Satellite data will be mainly provided for the Commission’s agricultural Control with Remote Sensing Campaign (CwRS), an operational project Eurimage has been supporting since the early nineties.
Satellite data, and in particular world-wide QuickBird very high resolution imagery, will be also supplied to meet the Commission’s increasing requirements in support of EU security and humanitarian aid programmes.
“We are very proud of this new contract, now also including such new missions as the Japanese ASTER. It confirms Eurimage’s primary role as a partner of the European Commission in the provision of satellite data for their operational projects. The European Commission has been a key Eurimage customer since 1990. The operational and technical experience gained, in particular during the 2004 and 2005 CwRS campaigns and in meeting EC operational requirements during emergencies such as the Tsunami and the Pakistan earthquake have been valuable in improving our products and services to meet the Earth Observation market’s expectations and our clients’ needs”, said Marcello Maranesi, Eurimage Managing Director.
About Eurimage S.p.A.
Headquartered in Rome, Italy, Eurimage is a multi-mission satellite data provider. Products include optical (QuickBird, Landsat, IRS, ASTER) and radar (ERS, Envisat, Radarsat) data, offering a variety of mission and sensor types to meet the widest range of user needs.
Eurimage is the exclusive distributor of data from the highest resolution mission, DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird, in Europe and the Mediterranean basin. As the European Space Agency’s cost-sharing partner, Eurimage has global distribution rights for Landsat 1-5 and 7 data. It is also an official ESA commercial distributor with a world-wide distribution license for both ERS and ENVISAT data through the EMMA Consortium, in which Eurimage is the Master Distributor.
Eurimage is a Finmeccanica Company. Eurimage’s shareholders are Telespazio (Italy) and EADS Astrium (Germany).
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Author: EARSC

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