EARSC Communication

Electronic communication
website is an important part of the Strategy communication arrangements
which will include a range of information relevant to members and
European Institutions concerning the EARSC policy.
EARSC website is dynamic. The website is made by Members and for
theMembers communication that is for, Members through their login and
password will be able to add relevant information which will feed our
sitewith Earth Observation News. Companies will also have a highlighted
and dedicated space to allocate their Company profile following the
Members template specifications and reviewing the information related
to the category, disciplines, products, current projects, dataset, etc.
The website structure is as follows:
– About EARSC; Directors and Member¬?s Template information
– EARSC Mission; Objectives and Activities

News; Events, Programmes, Info Member¬?s Products, Job Vacancies,
Resources (library, information related to BoD and general
meetings,professional updates, working groups information)
– Contact (why join EARSC, Info, Comments, FAQ¬?s)
– RSS: Really Simple Syndication (News Feeds for Members)
will also provide Members the opportunity to receive by e-mail theEARSC
Newsletter ?¨eomagazine?Æ. It will be an e-bulletin pooling the resources
of many of our specialised Members and will bring you in-depth
features,interviews, impressions from other information sources, the
latest events, and new programmes, addressing the latest and most up to
date Earth Observation Industry news and information.
Work flow information
Executive Secretary will implement decisions of the Board of Directors
and will be the major link between Members and EARSC Directors in terms
of communication. In preparing notices of meetings, events and related
explanatory information, EARSC Secretariat aims to provide all
information that is relevant to members when making a Board of
Directors decision on the matter to be voted on. The major issues and
decisions should be communicated in the Annual Report. The minutes of
the Board Meetings should be also available for the Members if the want
to visit them. Secretariat will ensure that members can obtain
additional information where members may have particular questions on
specificmatters. This will usually involve making available the email
EARSC Secretariat will be
glad to have your suggestions and comments onhow can better communicate
and make the most productive use of the new dynamic website having all
Members on board and giving information about related matters on their own companies.
Author: EARSC

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