Aug 19, 2014

World Has A New View!

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DigitalGlobe once again lived up to its reputation of innovation with the launch of WorldView-3

With super-spectral imagery of 0.31 m resolution in panchromatic, rich spectral diversity with multispectral and multiple SWIR bands and massive daily collection capability, WorldView-3 is by far the most sophisticated EO satellite commercially made. This launch also set a fine example of collaborative approach among leading aerospace companies. DigitalGlobe is also expediting the launch of WorldView-4 to mid 2016 to capture the new business opportunities following the recent US directive to allow imagery up to 0.25 m to be sold freely.

Close on the heels, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced its plans to replace ageing satellites and improve its EO capabilities to 0.25 m On another front, Canada is infusing $ 6.7 million into its radar EO products. Recently, BlackBridge entered into a partnership with MDA to provide change monitoring solutions. This flurry of activity is a clear indication of the fresh vigour and momentum within global EO industry that has faced a lull until recently. Wish this new momentum is also a harbinger of better business practices, improved insight and solutions for the users and a whole new and enhanced view from the above in the future!

Geospatial editorial from Bhanu Rekha