Jan 20, 2015

What's Up in Earth Observation- ImagineGEO #5

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What's Up in Earth Observation- ImagineGEO #5

SPOT 7 Commercial Launch: Airbus Defence and Space Satellite Constellation is Now Complete!
With this commercial launch, the Airbus Defence and Space satellite constellation is now complete, offering the perfect trade-off between resolution and coverage to deal with the detailed depth needed.

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Easy Access to Imagery and Services for ENVI Users

Airbus Defence and Space and Exelis are teaming up to provide users of ENVI image analysis software an exclusive (limited time) voucher offer for new imagery as well as easy access to the Airbus Defence and Space imagery archive.

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WorldDEM™ – First Datasets Now Orderable for Areas on all Continents

The availability of WorldDEM™ data is continuously expanding. In addition to large areas of North America, Australia and Russia, data is now also available for parts of South America as well as Southern and Western Africa. A multitude of applications such as satellite image orthorectification, military and civil aviation, management of oil and gas fields as well as defence- and security-related missions, benefit from the unique WorldDEM dataset.

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Manage Your Geospatial Data Efficiently

Did you know that Airbus Defence and Space provides a secure and cost-effective solution to manage and disseminate your geospatial data? The DataDoors Appliance is a plug-and-play solution that easily integrates into your organisation’s network and directly connects to your storage capabilities.

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Dependable Seismic Services for the Oil and Gas Market

Airbus Defence and Space and seismic service provider Spectrum Geo have produced a joint study correlating natural oil seeps identified from radar and optical data with 2D seismic data to assist hydrocarbon exploration in the Adriatic Sea. Neil Hodgson and Karyna Rodriguez from Spectrum talk about the collaboration.

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